Gable Attached Greenhouse

gable attached greenhouseA gable attached greenhouse is designed to look like an original part of your architecture. Pick your favorite greenhouse design, glazing and color and we will remove the gable wall to attach to your location. We can place doors in the sidewalls or the gable end and increase sidewall height to maximize available floor space. Convenient access to water and power is great for those wanting to extend the season and enjoy the view into the garden.

Our gable attached greenhouse models are built with the upmost of care to ensure a solid, safe structure for your home greenhouse. Each residential greenhouse kit is adaptable in design and built to customer specifications to match your existing roof line and create that sunroom feel.

home attached greenhouse

Available in Pacific, Traditional, Cottage or Cape Cod slope, the design can be upgraded for additional wind and snow loads if required. The frame is available in any color to match your existing structure as well as any glazing – single glass, double glass, twinwall or fivewall polycarbonate.

Extend the gardening season in a conveniently located sunroom. To suit your home, this residential greenhouse design can be customized to fit under the existing eaves and appear to be part of the original design.

A gable attached residential greenhouse should have some consideration given to available sunlight, ventilation and temperate control in your sunrooms. In addition, the heights of the attached wall will general dictate the height and size of the home greenhouse. Generally speaking, the wider the sunroom, the higher the supporting wall must be. Other considerations would be the optimum location of windows and doors for adequate temperature control.  Lastly, some thought should be given to how snow or rain will slide off of the roof onto to the residential greenhouse depending on your climate.

Feature Benefits for the Gable Attached Greenhouses

  • Strongest home greenhouses available that will last a lifetime
  • Upgrade to commercial storefront door for added safety features for your home greenhouse
  • Extra wide roof vents and lockable storm door for maximum ventilation
  • Extra high sidewalls perfect for tall plants and shelving
  • Weather resistant and energy efficient saves on heating costs
  • Beautiful designs available in any size and any colour
  • Mix and match glazing to suit your climate
  • Easily upgrade your hobby greenhouse kit for high winds and heavy snow
  • Option of removing one gable wall to attach to an existing house or building provides the benefit of home-attached style greenhouse kits (easy access to services & home, improved energy efficiency)
  • Written instructions and our toll free technical support line 1-888-391-4433
  • Our Lifetime warranty is the best in the business because we stand behind it

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Every hobby greenhouse kit is shipped with

  • Automatic roof vent opener
  • Eyehooks for hanging baskets
  • Max Min Thermometer
  • Greenhouse Journal


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