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Rooftop Greenhouses

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Rooftop greenhouses are a great option for home or business owners that want to maximize their footprint. Due to our high wind and snow load rating, our greenhouses are the perfect choice for this application. Whether it’s a school, a garage or a rooftop deck, our greenhouses can be designed to match any existing foundational environment and look like they were part of the original build!

Some considerations when planning a rooftop greenhouse:

  • The weight loads of the roof or deck. Our typical 8×12 glass greenhouse is almost 1200 pounds and must be well supported for longevity and permits if required.
  • The accessibility of the roof – will components need to be craned to the roof or is there an elevator that will be large enough to move the greenhouse parts (or do we need to manufacture in smaller lengths).
  • The greenhouse must be fastened and tied down to the roof in some way. A separate curb or changes to the roof membrane may be needed to prevent leaking.
  • We will engage engineers to ensure proper loads and connections.
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