Greenhouse Vents & Vent Openers

Keep your greenhouse breathing with the proper selection of vents and vent openers

The proper type of ventilation is a must to keep your greenhouse from over-heating. Whether you’re growing in a hot house or a cold house, your greenhouse needs ventilation. We have a selection of passive ventilation options for your needs.

Greenhouse Vent Openers
Bayliss Solar Powered Vent Opener

The standard Bayliss opener has an adjustable operating temperature between 55 & 75F (13-18C). Upgrades are available with the Orchid Wax for hot-house environments, and the Hydraulicheck opener for high wind areas up to 90 MPH gusts. Replacement cylinders are available for purchase with a one year warranty.

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double side vents
Double Side Vents

Single bay or double wide side vents allow for added passive ventilation. Available with your choice of vent opener and optional insect screen.

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Glass Louvres
Greenhouse Glass Louvres - $340

Glass louvres have the largest ratio of opening space and are perfect for replacing a pane of glass for extra ventilation. Louvres are manual and only available in single glass.

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Side vents with interior screen
Greenhouse Vent Screens

Insect screens attach to the inside of our automatic roof vents. The vent screen frames come painted in the color of your greenhouse.

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