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Epic Gardening is the go-to place on the internet for gardening advice and support so when they contacted us about a greenhouse for their homestead in San Diego, California, we were excited!When we started talking to Kevin Espiritu about his vision, we took the time and walked through the buying process to come up with a greenhouse that would work best for his warmer climate and growing needs. The idea of a shed roof or a free standing lean-to design married well with their design aesthetic of something contemporary and not “off the shelf”. 

Here are the details of Epic’s greenhouse with all the bells and whistles and what it would look like as a ‘pared down’ version as well. 

Details (as featured)
  • Model: Custom Slope Freestanding Lean To
  • Color: Hartford Green
  • Dimension: 8′ – 7 1/2″ x 10′ – 8″ Outside of Frame Dimensions
  • Roof Glazing: Single Glass 6mm, Full Sheet, Tempered, Green Tint
  • Wall Glazing: Single Glass 6mm, Full Sheet, Tempered
  • Side Wall Height: 7′ – 0″ with 9′ – 0 1/8″ Ridge Height
Additional Features
  • Greenhouse Structural Upgrades for 90 MPH Wind & 32 PSF Snow Load
  • Double Bay Side Vent with Automatic MK7 Opener
  • Double Bay Side Vent with Manual Corkscrew Opener
  • Storm Door 36”x 80” Single Glass (HL)
  • Tall Side Wall Glazed with Single Glass 6mm, Full Sheet, Tempered
  • 10″ Exhaust Fan Package with 1 Intake Shutter & Thermostat
  • Tube Gutter 3 x 3” on One Side Wall with Downspouts
  • Decorative Pressure Cap
  • Base Price: $13,999 with 3mm single glass and no decorative upgrades
  • Price as Shown with all Upgrades: $24,999
  • Price as Shown with Accessories: $32,000
Things to Know
  • All our greenhouses are made to order, and any size, slope or customization is possible
  • We have many Value Models that are a great option for those starting their greenhouse-growing journey!
  • Our standard 3mm single glass greenhouses are manufactured with a 1/2” overlap and there is an upgrade option of single piece 6mm glass. This Epic Gardening greenhouse features 6mm glass.
  • 8’x12’ is the most common size that can be built in most residential municipalities without needing to apply for a permit. Although, we do still recommend phoning your local planning office to make sure.
  • You have the choice of designing the greenhouse to be flush to the ground or on a raised wall. Some consideration will be required for door placement and overall access height.
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Further Details 

What you get when you order:

  • Written instructions and our toll free technical support line
  • Our Lifetime warranty is the best in the business because we stand behind it
  • Support videos can be found on our YouTube channel

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