What Dreams May Become

Her Dream became a reality with a greenhouse

Michele from What Dreams May Become is a photographer, blogger, mother to five children and the owner of a busy farm.  She had always dreamed of a greenhouse in her backyard to host dinners with her closest friends.  It has become a space for seasonal parties, crafts with the kids and dreaming up exciting plans for the future.

Details (as featured)
  • Model: Cottage
  • Color: White
  • Dimension: 10’ – 8” x 12’ – 8 1/2” Outside of Frame Dimensions
  • Roof Glazing: 3mm Single Tempered Glass Overlap
  • Wall Glazing: 3mm Single Tempered Glass Overlap
  • Side Wall Height: 5′ – 6″ with  9′ – 7 7/8″ Ridge Height
  • 16” Raised Knee Wall and Door Drop

Additional Features:

  • Decorative Ridge Cresting with Two Finials
  • Automatic Roof Vents with MK7 Opener
  • Standard Price: $12,580 Standard Frame and Glazing

Where to Find Michele

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