Custom Greenhouses

If you have a pre-existing foundation, restricted yard or a creative idea you`d like to bring to life, as a manufacturer, we are able to modify our greenhouses in virtually any way. Here are a few ways our customers adapt our custom greenhouses:
  • Custom greenhouses lengths, widths, and roof slopes
  • Gable ends can be removed and built to anchor an existing building
  • All our glass greenhouses come standard with tempered glass for added safety. Laminated, high performance, and single piece beauty glass are all available as options
  • Flashing is used to help ensure proper connections to other structures
  • We offer various glass tinting options including bronze and opal
  • Our greenhouses can be designed to accommodate multi-level foundations
  • Additional bracing can be added to accommodate higher wind and snow loads
  • Vestibules, breezeways, partition walls and rooftop applications are possible
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