Greenhouse Roof Vents in Winter

A few tips for those greenhouses that are not operating in winter
Greenhouses in the Snow

If you live in a cold climate and do not plan on using the greenhouse in winter, here are a few thoughts on preparing your greenhouse.

Roof Vents

The wax cylinders will actually last longer if the greenhouse roof vent remains operational in winter however you can remove the entire MK7 hinge to avoid concerns about gusty, windy, winter conditions.  Remember to use wire or zap straps through the screw holes to shut the vent otherwise it will open unsecured.

Snow Accumulation

  • If you are concerned about an upcoming winter storm, leave some minimal heat on inside the greenhouse to help reduce the amount of snow accumulating on the roof. When heavy snow is predicted, the greenhouse heating system should be turned on and the thermostat set at 70ºF (21 Celsius) or higher.
  • Our standard greenhouse is rated for 32 pounds per square foot (or roughly 2-3 feet of snow) but many of our customers will choose to take a broom and sweep off the snow drifts.
  • Once snow has accumulated, removing snow allows light in and increases the internal temperature of the greenhouse which will reduce the load.
  • Tidy up ahead of storms, so that in the event of high winds items such as trash bins, pots and trays, supplies and the like will not be blown into your greenhouse. To prepare for snow removal, move all of the accumulated equipment and supplies out of the way along the sides and around ends of your greenhouse.
  • After one year and for every year after, a regular tightening of screws and caps will help the greenhouse to maintain its weather resistance and ensure that all components of the greenhouse remain secure in wind and snow storms. If you live in a very windy area, consider using Loctite on the inside bolts.
  • Think about high impact snow loads.  Locating a greenhouse underneath a sloped roof may not be the best idea due to snow sliding off the roof and onto the greenhouse.  If this is the only possible location, please mention it to your greenhouse sales team member so that they can include additional bracing.
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