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Regulate the temperature in your greenhouse using an AVO (Automatic Vent Opener)

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MK7 Triple Spring AVO (Automatic Vent Openers)

The standard Bayliss MK7 automatic vent opener will open your roof vents so you don’t have to! The MK7 AVO is always recommended for your double side vents, as the three springs will help to pull the side vent shut, sealing off the greenhouse vent.

MK7 Triple Spring opening range: 55F (13C) – 70F (21C)

Hydraulicheck AVO (Automatic Vent Openers)

If your greenhouse is in an area that experiences high winds, upgrade from the MK7 Triple Spring opener to the Hydraulicheck opener. While the two do look very similar, there is one key difference . The standard MK7 has its downward tension from three springs, pulling the roof vent closed. However, the Hydraulicheck replaces the center spring with a hydraulic, slowing down the movement of the vent opener. This will restrict it from slapping down on the frame when closed on a windy day.

Hydraulicheck opening range: 55F (13C) – 70F (21C)

Super Heavy AVO (Automatic Vent Openers)

The Super Heavy AVO is designed to open double glass roof vents, and can open a max weight of 35 lbs.

Super Heavy opening temperature ranges: 60F (16C) – 75F (24C).

BCG Roof Vent Cylinder Brochure – 2023

Watch the video below to see how to replace your roof vent cylinder:


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Hydraulicheck, MK7 Triple Spring, Orchid Wax, Super Heavy

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