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DIY Shade Cloth Material – Please call us for current availability

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Currently Available in 12’x14′, 12’x18′, and 12’x22′

Need an additional size? Contact us.

Our 70% nylon knitted greenhouse shade cloth is durable and good for draping over the exterior of the greenhouse.

This is sold as the material only, so this is where you can get creative! You can loop the material back on itself and sew in a stitch so you can insert a pole or dowel of some sort to roll it up. Or install the it on the inside of your greenhouse, and use bolts to fasten it to the internal bolt track. Check out the photos for some great ideas and inspiration. The material is knitted and not weaved so when cut it will not fray.

Click the link below for a great read on the benefits of shade cloth and how it can help your greenhouse, and all of you plants inside of it!

Shady and Cool: Creating a Healthy Greenhouse Environment for your Plants

All greenhouse shade cloth sales are final.

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