T115 Industrial Thermostat

T115 Industrial Thermostat

Reliable industrial thermostat with centralized control, NEMA 4X enclosure, and corrosion-resistant materials for demanding environments.


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Reliable and Efficient Industrial Thermostat

The T115 Industrial Thermostat is a reliable and efficient solution for industrial, commercial, and agriculture. With one control for heating and cooling, it offers centralized and easy operation. The rugged and weather resistant NEMA 4X enclosure makes it suitable for placement in almost any environment. It can tolerate moist conditions, water spray, high humidity, airborne contaminates, and moderately corrosive conditions.

Product Features:

  • One control for heating & cooling
  • Rugged, weather-resistant enclosure, enabling placement almost anywhere.
  • Tolerated moist conditions, water spray, high humidity, airborne contaminates & moderately corrosive conditions.
  • Large, visible dial, making set point temperature clear.
  • Enclosures comply with N.E.C. Article 547, giving code compliance peace of mind.
  • Built from corrosion-resistant materials, allowing long life & reliable performance in most demanding climates.
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