Thermo2 Digital Thermostat


Whether it is heating or cooling, the Thermo2 Digital Thermostat is the perfect controller to keep the temperature in your greenhouse dialed in to perfection. Pair it with the Palma Greenhouse Heater to control your greenhouse technology.

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The BioGreen Thermo2 Digital Thermostat is the perfect solution for the air-conditioning and climate control in your greenhouse. In addition to heating your greenhouse in the winter, the Thermo2 Digital Thermometer can be used to cool your greenhouse and circulate air. As well, you can easily switch the digital screen from Fahrenheit to Celsius with the simple press of a button.


BioGreen Thermo2 Digital Thermostat Specifications
  • Measuring temperature range : -58F (-50C) to 108F (42C)
  • Power connection : 110VAC +/- 10%, 50/60 H
  • Plug: 3 pin
  • Max. breaking capacity : 3000 W
  • Switching accuracy : 13,0 A
  • Mode of operation : Electrical
  • Sensor length : 1.5m
  • Not compatible with the BioGreen Phoenix Heater

Check out the video below for more information on how to pair this with your Palma Greenhouse Heater:


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