Installing Your Greenhouse

Tips for a Successful Greenhouse Installation
If you’re planning to install your greenhouse, good planning is the key to success. Did you know that almost 75% of BC Greenhouses are installed by the homeowner orf a local contractor? Many people wonder how difficult it is to assemble a greenhouse. If you have ever put together a small kit shed, you’ll find it’s similar to that. All you need to know is how to read a tape measure, use a level, operate a drill, and give yourself time.
Important Considerations for a Successful Greenhouse Installation
Ensure your greenhouse foundation is level and square
Your greenhouse foundation must be level, square and built to our specific dimensions. For instance, an 8×12 is larger. This is the most important piece of advice we can give you. If the foundation is off, everything will be off. You can find more specific information in “The Essential Guide to Greenhouse Foundations”
Our 3MM single glass panes overlap
IMPORTANT: If you are installing a 3MM single glass greenhouse, please note that there is a ½” of overlap on the glass. The greenhouse is not designed to butt the glass panels together but rather overlap to create a better weather seal. There will be additional instructions on how to silicone seal this for extra weather protection.
Ask for help and give yourself time
Don’t hesitate to enlist family, friends, or neighbors to help put your greenhouse together. An 8×12 greenhouse will take two people two to three days to assemble. Give yourself the gift of time and try not to rush.

Watch our New Videos, Review the written instructions and packing list ahead of time
Before starting the greenhouse installation, review the written instructions and packing list. Check out our new installation video playlist too! Ask our team about the interactive installation instructions with embedded videos. They are filled with great tips and best practices that will help streamline your build. When you receive the instructions, don’t panic. The instructions are written as a large book that includes ALL glazing types. Follow the color-coded sections that pertain to your greenhouse only.


Contact Technical Support if you have questions
If you feel you must cut something or have a question, call us first at 1-888-391-4433. Our team is even able to do take video calls to walk you through the process and get a better understanding of your needs.

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What to Expect After Ordering Your GreenhouseYou have ordered your greenhouse! What happens next?

Our sales team members will email you the final order with confirmed exterior dimensions, a layout drawing showing all accessories discussed, as well as your drop door information. Our Sales Coordinator will be in touch when the greenhouse goes into production to make sure we have all the information correct. Our Sales Coordinator will then reach out to confirm your shipment date and to answer any questions to ensure you are ready to receive your greenhouse.

What to Do When Your Greenhouse ArrivesYour greenhouse has arrived! What’s next?

The freight delivery driver will expect that you will have the manpower to offload the wooden crates your greenhouse arrives in. If you have a glass greenhouse, ensure that a forklift is arranged ahead of time with your Greenhouse Expert.

Your wooden crates and their corresponding numbers are indicated in your packing list that will be emailed to you ahead of delivery by our Logistics Coordinator. Look for the wooden crate that says, “Packing List Inside” There will be a Robertson screwdriver provided as well as some other important pieces. The written instructions will be inside the crate with your door(s).

Important: The greenhouse is organized into bundles of materials that will be labelled with a sticker. These bundles should not be taken apart until you are ready for the component. Lay out all the bundles, parts, and pieces until everything is visible. Polycarbonate panels have a protective blue film on the exterior and clear or white on the interior. Keep track by placing a mark on the exterior as it has UV protectant. Until it is time to install do not put your polycarbonate in the sun because the blue film will heat up and it will be difficult to remove.

Call our Technical Support team if a question comes up at 1-888-391-4433

Our Installation Videos are a great resource

Check out our YouTube Channel for a complete playlist to guide you through the installation of your greenhouse. 

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