Grapevine Designs Greenhouse Chicken Coop

Beauty meets function through a unique collaboration.

Reimagine gardening with Lisa Moody’s modern Scandinavian greenhouse-chicken coop combo, expanding your growing season and enhancing results – a perfect addition for Canadian climates!

The Story of our Newest Limited-Edition Model

Our customer Lisa Moody from Grapevine Designs had a vision to reconnect with gardening after her children were grown and her interior design business was flourishing.  After an inspiring trip to Sweden, she came up with a modern Scandinavian approach with a greenhouse and chicken coop combination.  “A greenhouse allows me to start sowing earlier and grow plants like lettuce and herbs all the way through the winter,” she says. “It’s ideal for Canada because it expands the growing season and delivers better results. As long as you invest in a good foundation for your greenhouse, it’s not outrageously expensive and, in a Canadian climate, it’s a great addition.”  To hear more of Lisa’s story, visit her featured article in House & Home magazine.  Photography by Janice Nicolay.

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About the Greenhouse*

*Chicken Coop Not Included

  • Cape Cod single tempered glass gable attached greenhouse
  • Size: 8’ 7-1/2” x 12’ 6-1/2”
  • Heavy duty, black aluminum frame with lifetime warranty
  • Slope: 12/12, Pitch 45 degrees
  • Limited Edition price of $10,995 (greenhouse only, shipping not included).

Need another size or color?  We can design and build to any specification and attach to nearly any building.  Check out other building attached models here.

About the Grapevine Designs Chicken Coop
  • Custom Designed black framed coop
  • 5’0” x 8’ x6”
  • 12/12 matching slope, fascia attached
  • NEW Purchase Project Plans Today! Visit to purchase chicken coop project  plans to make your own!

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  • Written instructions and our toll free technical support line
  • Our Lifetime warranty is the best in the business because we stand behind it
  • Support videos can be found on our YouTube channel

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