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Greenhouse Sale: Save on wind and snow load upgrades


Upgrade to Meet High Wind and Snow Loads

From September 14 to October 26th, save $500

Increase your wind and snow load ratings to ensure your greenhouse withstands high winds and heavy snow.  Our standard greenhouses are rated for 32 pounds per square foot for snow and 85 miles per hour for winds.  We can upgrade the structure to meet 100 psf for snow and140 mph winds.

Greenhouse vs. Tornado  – A Customer’s Story







The photo above shows one of our Traditional single glass greenhouses after a tornado.  This is our customer’s story:

“I purchased a greenhouse from you about nine years ago. I believe it’s 8 1/2 x 12 Traditional single glass. We had a tornado here in Connecticut and frankly I am surprised the entire greenhouse did not suffer more damage. One of the automatic roof openers bent and a tree branch came through one of the roof panels. You have an excellent product, believe me. The entire greenhouse twisted on the foundation and not a single pane of glass broke. Unfortunately, the pressure-treated wood it was sitting on had rotted. So the gentleman who installed the greenhouse built a truss system and lifted the entire greenhouse up while mason’s came in and replaced the foundation. The only notable damage was to the poly carbonate panel because a large branch came through it, and the wind caught the roof vent and ripped it off. The winds were in excess of 110 miles an hour and the entire area sustained a tremendous amount of damage. I am very impressed with the quality of the structure.”

Here are the photo’s after the foundation was repaired:


Conditions of Sale

Conditions of Sale:

  • The rebate is offered only on greenhouse wind and snow load upgrades. The discount does not apply to customizations or modifications such as custom color, chop downs, door upgrades, or greenhouse accessories such as fan packages and heaters.
  • All greenhouses must be purchased between September 14th and October 26th 2018 to apply for the discounted savings.
  • Standard lead times are in effect.