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Greenhouse Design Flexibility

Our company offers you the opportunity to customize the greenhouse design in many different ways.

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Cape Cod Greenhouse Series

Perfect for shedding snow as it simply slides off the roof!

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Want a New Backyard Attached Greenhouse? Where will you put it?

The closer your attached greenhouse gets, the better it looks. Or at least it feels that way. According to Angela...

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Greenhouse Testimonials

Hear what many of our satisfied customers are saying about us.

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Case Studies – Greenhouse Reviews

Our greenhouses have helped our customers from design to function. Read some examples of how we impacted some of our clients.

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In the News

BC Greenhouses has been in the news for garden shows to projects as far as New York.

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Building-Attached Greenhouses for Houses

Designed to look like an original part of your architecture.

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Our greenhouse warranty is one of the best in the business

A lifetime warranty is only as good as the company that stands behind it.  We have built our greenhouses and...

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Lean-to Greenhouses

The ultimate in affordable living and growing space, a home attached greenhouse offers the best of both worlds.

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