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Hydro Wine Watering System


Hydro Wine Watering System

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The best watering system for your thirsty potted plants “Hydro Wine” – How to Make Wine Bottles into Watering Wonders!

Always the right amount of water for your plants: This crafty potted plants watering system provides your plant roots with the optimal amount of water so that you can truly relax on your weekend getaway.

Simply place watering heads on the bottleneck of a wine bottle filled with water, place clay cones in the soil to be watered, and relax while “Hydro Wine” takes care of everything else.

Double benefit: Also suitable for window boxes and container plants!

The potted plants watering system “Hydro Wine” comes in a practical set of four. Make sure your horticultural treasures never go thirsty again!

  • No drying out
  • Potted plants watering system for intelligent plant care
  • Set of 4 for your empty wine bottles
  • Also suitable for window boxes and container plants
  • The practical solution for a long weekend and a short break
  • Never again ask the neighbors for plant care
  • No over-pouring

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